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Customer Testimonials for the Affirmations and Book.

  • Wow! I keep nodding my head as I read this book... What I like most about this book is that it actually lived up to its big title. I am not the same person 15 minutes ago. For the first time, I LEARNED A LOT from a tiny, short book. Amazing. - leyse922 (Amazon review)
  • Affirmations are amazing. I really enjoyed the quick read and getting straight to the point, however it is the free affirmations that you receive that are the real life changer. Thank you Rahul. - Kim (Amazon review)
  • PRICELESS! EXCELLENT read! I seriously recommend everyone to read this book. It's a short read and an excellent one, you will not be disappointed. The writer gets right to the point tells you what works from his experience and he's right on the mark because I have been where he was and I too have had the same questions and after reading this book in one evening I am seriously motivated. This book has helped me so much and I am so grateful for his time, words and his knowledge. Thank you Rahul Badami for writing this book and for changing my life! - LynK (Amazon review)
  • i started having daily early morning walks recently and since i found your affirmation audio, i play it as i take this walk and by the time i get to my room i am filled with so much self belief and power. i hope you know the impact you are having on everyday peoples lives. - Quin
  • I was able to download and play your affirmations, and they are terrific. - Gloria
  • There was a question Rahul asked in this very short book that I believe was a life changer for me, and something I wish I'd been asked by someone decades ago... I will tell you that I've asked ohters the same question and have gotten a smile and a thoughtful wow from everyone I've asked. - Joe (Amazon review)
  • Thank you for your amazing gift... You are helping me already so thank you and may God will bless you and your work for helping people. - Leena